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Rare European Stone

During the past 20+ years, Paris Ceramics has established superb relationships with some of the world’s most special, niche quarries. These quarries are typically small, and privately owned, with limited production providing extremely hard to find material such as our Burgundy Clair light, from the East of France. This particular quarry produces consistent, light material with limited fossiling. Or coming from Romania, our Castille limestone shows a beautiful array of character and blends tones of grey and beige and silver.

Limestone Adds Character

Since we import reclaimed limestone from the South of France and its 200+ years old patina, one can only imagine what the newly cut stone would look like in your home in years to come. The essence of limestone is the life it takes on as it ages and matures over the years providing warmth and character to your residence forever.

Limestone Colors

Coveted for its natural beauty and consistent tone, it is also one of life’s most enduring materials. Limestone comes in many colors from all over the world and with the special finishes we can create either by hand or machine in our factory, you can achieve the exact look you want.



The Evolution of Marble

Known for its unique veining and lasting durability, there is no other material quite like marble.

Starting with its graceful aging attributes, it allows the slow but magnificent evolution of this stone to result in more beauty over time such as found in the churches in France, to the Vatican in Rome. Hundreds of years later, the basis of the surfaces in these monuments still stands strong. Marble continues to be selected and displayed as a lifelong material by the world’s most discerning architects.

Custom Marble Patterns

Marble promotes the unique offering of shapes, and patterns that make the space truly interesting. Falling cube, Palais, and Harlequin patterns are just a few we offer and when installed in long, narrow halls, or entry foyers, the result is a real “wow” effect to its visitors.

Different Colors of Marble

Paris Ceramics imports a large variety of marble colors. From the greys of Spain to the whites of Turkey to the magnificent Blue of the Alps, there is no limit to the creativity. Vivid Red Rose Asiago or Emerald Green allows the designers to incorporate colors into their vision which is just not possible with Limestone.

What Are The Types of Stone Finishes?

Since old marble is becoming highly protected material in the European reclamation market and extremely difficult to obtain, we have created the techniques and the artisanal skill to emulate the old world finish. Such finishes as hand antiqued, distressed, or dished have all been perfected by our experienced and capable stone crafters in Farmville, VA.

Is Marble a Good Material for Outdoors?

And finally, marble is suitable for interior and exterior, in any climate, which makes it truly a one of a kind.

Natural Antiqued Limestone Antique Natural Stone

Antique Natural Stone

Why Use Reclaimed Stone

We at Paris Ceramics believe in the ethical process of reclaiming European materials and reselling those in the United States. The ethos behind this mindset guides us thru the antique yards in the South of France and Spain, to purchase only the most distinctive, highly patina'd materials. Bringing those elegant materials into the American homes creates such magnificent finishes in both contemporary and traditional settings.

Customized to Your Specifications

Paris Ceramics' most significant unique feature in the marketplace is that we not only have full time employees in these countries, but we import these materials in their raw state. This gives us the ability to cut and finish the material to your personal specifications. Furthermore, if additional materials are required at a later stage, it is no problem for Paris Ceramics to produce.

Custom Mosaics

For example, we can take these one of a kind antique materials and make mosaics out of them. These are truly bespoke, hand crafted works that transform any design into a work of art.

Our Sources: Europe and Beyond

We purchase the reclaimed material in the French regions of Montpellier, Provence, Burgundy and Normandy. Each region, due to its natural geological nature, produces significantly different colors and finishes, giving a look second to none, as you can see in the pictures below. From Spain, we import the highly desirable and limited availability of the antique checkerboard pattern. This 200+ year old marble – grey & white – create what other graceful entry halls looked like in the previous decades.

From Jerusalem, a city which is covered by its natural stone in every building, we continue to import this ancient timeless material. The Jerusalem stone comes in color variations which are truly unique.