Antique, Reclaimed Encaustic Tiles

Indulge yourself in the charm and patina of Antique Encaustic Tiles

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This reclaimed material, hailed as a technological innovation from the south of France and northern Spain in the mid-1800’s, it's beauty and durability remains unmatched by present day production methods. Completely hand-crafted by combining cement with deep mineral pigments and curing them under extreme pressure, they can range from deeply pigmented solid colors to highly ornate designs. Antique Encaustic tiles are found in notable churches, public landmark buildings and in prominent homes throughout Europe. Now's your chance to continue its provenance.

Current availability:

Early 1900's from a monastery in Spain

Size 8”x 8”x ¾ 

Colors: Black, White, Grey

Suitability: Very versatile, floors, walls, interior, exterior, wet or dry (kitchen, bath, pool, etc.)

Resistant to water, acid, solvents, naturally non-slip

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Artwork shown in photo provided courtesy of Simon Mathers.