Product Spotlight: Bulgarian White Limestone
Bulgarian White Limestone © Dan Forer if (Model.value.caption != null) {

Bulgarian White Limestone © Dan Forer


Bulgarian White Limestone

Renowned for its smooth and finely grained texture combined with neutral tones ranging from smokey white to light cream, the popularity of Bulgarian White limestone dates back to Roman times. An extremely dense stone originating from one of the oldest quarries in the world in Mezdra, Bulgaria, its hearty composition and durability was used in multiple applications from cobblestones to sculptures. Today, it continues to endure because of its versatility and understated aesthetic that is equally suited for interior or exterior installations and designs ranging from traditional to modern.

Current availability: 2,800 square feet

Provenance: Mezdra, Bulgaria

Size: 16”x24”x5/8

Suitability: Interior and exterior walls, floors, and pool coping

Regular Price: $18/sq. ft.

E-mail exclusive offer $13.50/sq. ft.

Contact your salesperson for more information or samples. Offer expires 12/28/22 and does not include shipping fee.